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Powerful magnetic sweeper with release snaps up sharp iron objects from heavy traffic areas. Clear walkways, factory aisles, loading docks and more. Picks up 6 pounds of 8 penny nails, or approximately 600 pieces. Features 24" sweeping width and a sturdy, 48" handle. Easily clear collected debris by pulling back on the release handle. This sweeper is incredibly strong and well built, yet very affordable.

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A. Part No. MFSM24R
24" Magnetic sweeper with release
Price: $179.95


The new Magnetic Mini Sweepers are lightweight, durable and easy to use. Ideal for homeowners and small shops. 30" handle make these sweepers perfect for clearing metal debris from walkways, garages and yards.

B. Part No. 07265
Magnetic Mini Sweeper, 27" sweeping width
Price: $54.95


C. Part No. 07263
Magnetic Mini Sweeper, 14 1/2" sweeping width, also available in 12-piece floor display (click here) .
Price: $27.95


Magnetic Floor Sweepers

Durable magnetic floor sweepers are well built and incredibly strong with powerful magnetism. A sturdy steel handle attaches easily. Clear parking areas, workshops, garages and more. Reduce the possibility of costly flat tires or personal injury, and decrease the time needed to clean up scattered ferrous metal material.

D. Part No. MFSM12
12" Sweeper picks up 3.2 lbs. of 8 penny nails, or approximately 290 pieces.
Price: $74.95


E. Part No. MFSM24
24" Sweeper picks up 7.5 lbs. of 8 penny nails, or approximately 680 pieces.
Price: $109.95


F. Part No. MFSM36
36" Sweeper picks up 11.8 lbs. of 8 penny nails, or approximately 1,070 pieces.
Price: $159.95


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