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The universal symbol of magnets recognized around the world. This handy horseshoe magnet is powerful and sturdy. Ideal for school experiments, and it makes a great gift. Includes a keeper to help retain magnetic power.

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A. Part No. 07225
2" tall red alnico horseshoe magnet lifts 3 lbs. and includes keeper
Price: $8.95 /pc

These alnico horseshoe magnets are versatile and powerful! Compact clamshell packaging has a small footprint in your display. Choose from three pull strengths. Each includes mounting hole and steel keeper to retain magnetic strength.

B. Part No. 07270
Alnico horseshoe magnet, 13 lb. pull
Price: $10.99 /pc


C. Part No. 07271
Alnico horseshoe magnet, 22 lbs. pull
Price: $26 /pc


D. Part No. 07272
Alnico horseshoe magnet, 30 lb. pull
Price: $35 /pc



E. Part No. 07279
Alnico Horseshoe magnet, 2 lbs Pull
Price: $4.99/pc


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