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Hold Everything Magnets

These powerful, colorful, versatile, magnets are great for signage and displays. Easily holds a 1/4" thick pad of sticky notes (3" x 3") to a file cabinet. Ten brilliant colors to choose from: White, blue, yellow, purple, green, red, orange, black, gray and pink.

A. Part No. CB60PC-(Color)                     Price: $ 1.50


Magnetic Handy Clips

Nickel-plated clips are ideal for lightweight indoor signage. Holds up to three pounds.

B. Part No. MHMC030                     Price: $1.50

Double-Sided Magnetic Sign Holder for Glass Panels or Windows

Works through single-pane glass! Use this unique product to hang signs, banners, display objects, and more. This powerful magnetic assembly comes complete with an attached hook that can lift up to 20 pounds. It also includes bonus extra hardware that allows double sided use or separates into two magnets for use on metal surfaces.

C. Part No. 07254B                     Price: $9.95

Magnetic Handi-Hook

Nickel-plated magnet with hook is great for hanging banners, ceiling signs, and more! Lifts up to 20 pounds.

D. Part No. MHHH20                Price: $3.49

White Magnetic Hooks

Available in two strengths: 9 and 14 pounds. Coated with white enamel paint, these hooks blend in well with most retail environments.

E. Part No. MHHH9 - 9 lbs. pull ....           Price: $1.15

    Part No. MHHH14 - 14 lbs. pull            Price: $1.47

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