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Flexible Label Magnet

A practical solution for displaying large signs, graphics, photos or text

EDGEmagnetT is an innovative way to display large, tiled graphics and signs in trade show booths and point-of-purchase displays. EDGEmagnetT is a powerful, flexible magnetic strip that can be applied to the back side edges of graphic or display panels. When displayed, EDGEmagnetT will perfectly align panels, resulting in nearly seamless presentation. Useful for shipping, then displaying, large scale printed presentations. Available in 100 ft. rolls; plain, or with acrylic adhesive in a matching poles set of 2 rolls ( EDGEmagnetT 1 and EDGEmagnetT 2 ).

Flexible Magnetic Sheet designed for your labeling machine

LabelMagnetT is available in 4.5" x 1" or 4.75" x 1" with .012" thru .030" thickness, or made to your specifications (provide information on length, width and gap distance between pieces, roll diameter and weight limits and core size). Designed especially for your label machine or any application that requires a thin lightweight strip of flexible magnetic material to the back of your piece.

1. LabelMagnetT is applied to the back of direct mail or promotional pieces.

2. Direct mail promotional piece with LabelMagnetT applied on the back.

3. Recipient separates at perforation and keeps top half of the promotion piece with LabelMagnetT applied, then posts it on any ferrous metal surface for future reference.


Magnet-to-Magnet is available in 0.5" or 1" wide x .060" thick strip with Side A (smooth) and Side B (grooved middle) that match up with even pole spacing for magnet-to-magnet applications. Two examples for use are trade show displays and storm windows. Features acrylic adhesive on the back side.

Magnet-to-Magnet Part Numbers and Descriptions

Dimensions: .060" x .5" x 100' w/acrylic adhesive
ZG10A/SA Smooth on magnetic side
ZG10A/SB Groove on magnetic side
Dimensions: .060" x 1" x 100' w/acrylic adhesive
ZG40A/SA Smooth on magnetic side
ZG40A/SB Groove on magnetic side
Note: Not interchangeable with existing systems.
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