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Hold maps, drawings, blueprints, notes and other important items on ferrous metal surfaces and at the same time keep paper clips, nails, pins, screws and other small metal items in reach. The bottom of these powerful magnets will hold a 1/4" thick pad of 3" x 3" sticky notes to a metal filing cabinet, while the versatile top keeps small metal objects handy. This magnet is a must for any home, office, or workshop. Each magnet is 1/2" thick x 1" wide x 2" long.

A. Part No. 07273                 Price: $1.49
1 piece, red magnet


B. Part No. 07277                 Price: $1.49
1 piece, yellow magnet


C. Part No. 07276                Price: $2.79
2 pieces, red and yellow magnets


Hold Everything magnets also make great promotional items when imprinted with your message (250 piece minimum).

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