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High energy flexible magnets are multi-poled and feature more pounds pull than standard flexible magnets.

Soft magnetic squares with foam adhesive boast lots of magnetic strength! They provide strength for medium weight craft projects that have uneven or porous surfaces. Available in three sizes for customers' requirements.

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A. Part No. 07016                   Price : $2.25
Magnetic Squares with Foam Adhesive
1" sq. x 3/16" thk. (4 pcs.)


B. Part No. 07017                   Price: $2.25
Magnetic Squares with Foam Adhesive
3/4" sq. x 3/16" thk. (6 pcs.)


C. Part No. 07018                   Price: $2.25
Magnetic Squares with Foam Adhesive
1/2" sq. x 3/16" thk. (8 pcs.)


Thirty geometric, high energy flexible magnets feature magnetism on both sides and are useful for posting messages on work or tracking boards. Consists of ten of each shape (circle, triangle and square). Each approx. 1 1/4" tall.

D. Part No. 07257                   Price: $ 8.49
Flexible Magnetic Shapes - (30 pcs.)

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