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Magnetic Wands
Magnetic wands are great for scientific discovery and exploration. They are powerful, colorful and durable. Eight brilliant color to choose from: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Pink or Purple.*

A. Part No. DMW            Price: $1.49

*Magnetic wands can be printed on for promotional give aways. Call 1-800-262-4638 for more information.

No-Mess Iron Filings
Iron filings in a sealed, no-mess clear plastic case reveals the magnetic field of any magnet. Ages 4 and up.
B. Part No. DMFB-1             Price: Discontinue


Iron Filings and Pink Sand in a Clear Plastic Sealed Case demonstrates magnetic field patterns as well as separation technology; separate magnetic (filings) from non-magnetic (sand) materials. Ages 4 and up.
C. Part No. DMFB-2            Price: $2.50


Iron Filings
Iron Filings in 2.5 oz. Vial. Ages 4 and up.
D. Part No. DMFB-3             Price: Discontinue


Part No. DMFB-1LB               Price: $3.95
One pound of Iron Filings.
(Not shown)



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